Our Mission

To provide children in need the opportunity to participate in an organized local community sports program in order to gain valuable life experiences and the fitness benefits that come with participation in nationally recognized and community sponsored youth sports activities.

About the Foundation

The Jason Anderson Foundation for Youth Sports, a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt not-for-profit organization, was founded by the Anderson family after Jason tragically died in an automobile accident in January of 2015 at the age of 33.  The outpouring of support for the family from friends, colleagues, co-workers, neighbors and gracious members of the community prompted the family and close friends to establish this foundation in Jason’s name as a way to give back to that community.    

Registration fees for youth sports are quickly escalating and can often reach $100 per season but are often higher. While many leagues offer assistance, the need is simply too great for many families to absorb completely. The Jason Anderson Foundation for Youth Sports seeks to help all children participate in a sport of their choice but, due to family circumstances, may not have the funds available for this activity.  As such, we have established a not-for-profit to ensure Jason’s memory lives on and that his strong connection to the positive effects of sports participation can be shared by all children.  While it is our goal to eventually expand our reach to other markets – including those places where Jason lived and went to school – we are focusing our initial efforts in Delaware where his parents, wife and young son reside.

Sports were an essential part of Jason’s personal and professional life including his time at Syracuse University, the Syracuse Sky Chiefs, the New Orleans Saints, Dover Motor Sports and the Ohio University Sports Administration program. Jason also quietly gave back to his community. He volunteered his time to the Autism Society of Delaware, the Brain Injury Association of Delaware, the Delaware Sports Commission and the Delaware Chamber of Commerce.

Jason chose a career in professional sports but never forgot how important they were to him as a child and demonstrated that commitment through his actions helping young people at all levels.